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Sridet Topline


Sridet Topline was developed specifically for surface blasting. The Topline is used to provide the delay between the holes in the row and between the rows. Thus Topline helps to provide delay per hole in the blast and reduces the charge per delay in the blast, thereby reducing the ground vibrations, air blast pressure etc.

Sridet Topline consists of a coil of shock tube. One end of the coil is sealed and the other end is crimped to a Detonator with the required delay timings. The Detonator is housed in a connector for surface hooking purposes.

Sridet Topline are available in different delay timings, viz, Instantaneous, 17msec, 25msec, 42msec and 65msec. The connectors are provided in different colors to identify the delay timings easily.

Procedure for Connecting the SRIDET Topline

  • Take Sridet Topline and spread it between the holes
  • Insert the free end of the Topline into the connector of second Topline
  • Insert the shock tube end from the Downline Sridet from the borehole into this connector hook-up.
  • Connect the shock tube end of the previous Topline into the connector and loop it around the connector and insert again into the connector for locking purpose.
  • The shock tubes are held tightly in the connector.
  • Each connector can hold upto 6 shock tubes


  • The surface air blast is eliminated completely.
  • Eliminates the usage of 6.0 gr/meter and 10 gr/meter Detonating fuses.
  • Provides delay between the holes and between the rows in the blast.
  • Converts the simple inventory into conducting blasts of unlimited sizes.
  • Provides accurate delay per hole and thereby increases the fragmentation and over all blast performance.
  • Simple and user friendly connecting system

Product Specifications:

Type : Top Line
Length of Shock Tube : As Per Customer Requirement
Vod ofshock Tube : 1600 – 2000 Meters/sec
Length of Shell : 62 Mm
Shell : Aluminum
Strength of Detonator : No. 8 Strength
Nominal Delay Time : 17 Ms +- 5.0 Milliseconds
25 Ms +- 5.0 Milliseconds
42 Ms +- 5.0 Milliseconds
65 Ms +- 5.0 Milliseconds
Anfo Compatiability : Good
Shelf Life : 1 year from the date of Mfg.
Packing   1 - 2 Meters – 300 Pcs/case
3 - 6 Meters – 200 Pcs/case
7 - 12 Meters – 100 Pcs/case
13 - 15 Meters – 80 Pcs/case
16 - 25 Meters - 60 Pcs/case
30 Meters – 50 Pcs/case
50 Meters - 25 Pcs/case
Case Dimensions  

540mm X 315mm X 305mm (0.052 Cbm)
(fiber - board Case)

Gross Weight   6.0 Kgs. (approx)
Net Weight   4.0 Kgs. (approx)

Shipping Information:

As per IMDG (International Maritine Dangerous Goods) Classifications
1, Division: 1.1, Group: B, Un No.: 0030, Page No.: 1257, Storage Category: II TYPE 'C'

As per PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) Classifications
ID No.
6, Division: 3, Category: ZZ


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